WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a network of national organizations that help volunteers to live and learn on organic properties. WWOOF organizations bring together hosts and volunteers (“WWOOFers”) to help make a sustainable world.

conference for website

for more details log on : conference.wwoofnigeria.org 

20121125_132219WWOOF volunteers (“WWOOFers”) give time and energy to helping on the farm. If you are interested in environmentally sound living, want to have hands on learning while living in the local community then volunteering with WWOOF might be for you.


WWOOF Farmers (‘HOSTS’) grow food organically, live sustainably and generally try to live a low impact life. If you want to share your experience of organic growing and can provide healthy meals and a safe, clean place to stay you may like to become a WWOOF host. Contact our team for more information.

The WWOOF Nigeria Team

In Nigeria, we are blessed with a passionate team who believe in the potential of organic farming in our country. Our office is based in Ibadan and our coordinator (Benjamin Olatilo) would be pleased to answer your questions. We take part in the process of bringing volunteers from around the globe to work on farms in Nigeria but we also work hard to promote Organic agriculture among the Nigerian population.


Apart from regular WWOOFing experiences with Hosts on farms, We have created a program for gardens in primary and secondary schools in the country in which WWOOFeers around the world  are  participating!

Join WWOOF Nigeria to live this blooming experience!

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